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Fletcher's Birthday Party

On August 2, 2007 the family celebrated Fletch's 4th birthday.   He received a nice pile of loot and had some chocolate cupcakes with his sister.  We then celebrated with his buddies at his pool party on August 4 at the neighborhood YMCA.  Check out the slideshow here.


Fletcher's Birthday Invitation

We can't believe he's already 4 years old.  This year we're inviting his buddy to the neighborhood pool for an afternoon of splashing, eating and good times.


Columbus TX Weekend

On July 12, Emily traveled with the kids and Anne Bentley to Columbus, TX.  Anne brought her boys, Sam & Alex and everyone stayed at her parent's farm house.  They explored the farm, visited the Blue Bell ice cream factory and goofed around.   Check out the slideshow to see the photos of their good times.



Kevin visited Edinburgh, Scotland for a 3-day business trip.   Even though it was late June, the weather was damp and cool - in the 50's.  I didn't take many photos, but here's a taste of what I saw around Edinburgh.  Click here for the slideshow.


Violet's First Birthday Party

Violet turned one on June 1, 2007 and celebrated with her first birthday party the following Saturday.  Check out the slideshow of pictures to share the excitement.

IMG_0370 (1)

Separated At Birth?

Here is a picture of Fletcher taken in October 2005 when he was 2 years old next to another picture of his cousin Molly taken in April 2006 when she reached the same age.


Violet's Birthday Invitation

Here is the invitation for Violet's first birthday party.


Happy Mother's Day

The school sent this home with Violet as part of their mother's day gift to Emily.


Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Kevin got a kitchen pass and escaped to St. Louis in May to visit his friends.   Check out the slideshow for the photos.


Carestream Health, Inc.

After working nearly 10 years for the Health Group at Eastman Kodak Company, Kevin now works for Carestream Health, Inc.  The health division was sold to Onex Holdings and spun off as its own corporation.   Same desk, same job, same paycheck, same benefits.  Hopefully different rewards.  We'll see...

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The Blog Is Back

After a 3 year coma, the blog is back.   Some of the highlights from the past couple years are being retrofitted below.

Bluebonnets 2007

On April 15, we made our annual trip to the fields along the Frito-Lay campus to take pictures of the kids playing in the flowers.  The kids didn't have as much fun this year, because the weeds and flowers were so tall (too much rain!).  But we did get a few gems.



Fletcher's 3rd Birthday Invitation

Here's Fletcher's invitation for his 3rd birthday party.


Welcome Violet Joy Mantooth

We welcome the lovely Violet Joy Mantooth to the world, born June 1 2006.


Happy Halloween (2005)

This year Fletcher dressed as Spider-Man!


Fletcher's 2nd Birthday Invitation

Here's the invitation for Fletch's 2nd birthday party.


Happy Halloween! (2004)

Happy halloween!  This year Fletch dressed up as a race car driver and collected a good load of loot.  Check out the photo slideshow!


Fletcher's First Birthday

On August 1 2004 we helped Fletcher celebrate his first birthday.  His friends Sam and Drew came over to help him eat cake and open presents along with their parents and Grandma & Grandpa Mantooth.  Check out the fun in our photo gallery.


Lake of the Ozarks

During July 2004, the Mantooth family visited Emily's parents at their lake house in Camdenton, Missouri.  We stayed for three days and got an early celebration of Fletcher's birthday.  Julie & Darden Rhoses also drove down to relax and enjoy the water.  Check out all the action in our photo gallery.


Father's Day Weekend

June 2004 was the first father's day weekend for Kevin.  The family celebrated by taking a trip to the Dallas Zoo, and visiting the neighborhood playground to try out the swings.  We also made time to relax at the local coffee bar and grab some steaks at Saltgrass Steakhouse for a good fatherly meal.  Check out our trip to the Zoo in our photo gallery


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