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Ice Cream, You Scream

For father's day, the kids took Kevin to Wild About Harry's for some frozen custard.  They were out of black cherry, so Kevin went with dreamsickle.  Emily went with the blueberry cone and the kids split a cup of chocolate.

It was a nice treat... but that goes without saying, right?




The Beach

The family invaded Galveston Island midweek for a couple days of water adventure.  June 10-12, 2008


This was the first exposure to the gulf/ocean for the kids.  They were tentative around the waves at first, but were rolling in the surf by the end of the trip.




Fletcher won the first family sea shell contest with this beauty.  Good shells were few and far between, but his keen eye spotted the winner.


Violet's Happy Day

On Saturday we celebrated Violet's 2nd birthday.  A few friends came over for cake and to play with her new toys.   Bring on the terrible twos... at least today, we'll enjoy the happy smiles.





Last Day of School

Remember the joy of the last day of school and the kick-off of summer?  Fletcher, Violet and their friends are experiencing those good times.  


After school, the kids all went to Braum's with their buddies to celebrate.


Trample the Flowers

It's annual bluebonnet season in Texas.  The wildflowers bloom wildly through the fields with lots of bluebonnets and red indian paintbrush flowers all along the public highways.  Many of the flowers along the highways are complements of the late Ladybird Johnson, who took the initiative to help beautify the state highways.

Unfortunately, our favorite wildflower field was a bit down this year.  We are guessing we just arrived a couple weeks too early, but it's possible it was just a down year.  We did not get many good pictures of flowers this year, but that didn't stop the short people from running wild and having a good time.




For more bluebonnet pictures, please be sure to check the blog archives.  Click HERE for last year's set.

Fletcher Vs Santa III

Their first confrontation was near disastrous.  Last year's meeting was strictly business as Fletch steeled himself to ask for Troublesome Trucks.  This year the young challenger was much more relaxed.  He told Santa that Violet wants shoes and then sat on his lap to ask for more trains.   His smile is still a bit forced, but I think a truce was established.  A couple years of prize loot from the bearded guy helped quite a bit.

Unfortunately, Violet Vs Santa was a complete disaster.  Violet didn't release her death grip from mommy's neck to ever get close enough for a photo.  Perhaps she'll fair better in the 2008 rematch.  Luckily, her brother put in the good word for her.



Gooooal !!

Fletch just completed his first season of soccer.  Nobody is supposed to keep score in the rookie league, but calculating minds have deduced that the Lightning Bugs destroyed the competition.  Fletcher didn't always light it up, but did score a goal this season and managed to scamper around the field quite a bit. 

Goooo Lightning Bugs!




Trick Or Treat!

It's that time of year again. This time the kids went for the big scare and dressed up as a monkey and chicken.   OK - maybe they weren't all that scary, but they were entertaining.  Check out the slideshow here



Whoosie On Location

Emily's Aunt Virginia has an occasional spot on the syndicated radio articles sponsored by Midwest Today Magazine.  Check out her first entry here dated 8-19-2007.   SHOW

Be sure to check out Midwest Today's Radio website and magazine site.

Spaghetti Tastes Good



Bean Bags Are Cool

The scene could have easily been reproduced by simply giving young children a six-pack of Buzz Cola with Jelly Bean chasers.  Instead, all it took was the injection of two new bean bag chairs into our living room.   Let the insanity begin...


Catch of the Day

While dad was hard at work sleeping in during our Ozark vacation, Fletch went out for a 7 AM fishing expedition with his cousin Tyler, Uncle Bart, and Grandpa Nemmers.  He managed to wrangle three bluegills with his new Spider-Man rod.  One went back immediately.  The other two were also too small to keep, but big enough to the dock to show dad.  These were the only catches on the expedition, so I guess Fletcher is a natural outdoors man.

This sort of thing must skip a generation.



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